So I am a little late to post this, but I am so excited about the opportunity I had.

I was really looking for somewhere to take my baked goods.  I love baking, I just can’t eat them all.  Or at least I am trying to not eat them all!  So I have been praying for an opportunity, someone who would really appreciate them.  I got some good ideas from people, but still no real leads.  Then as part of my church outreach program, I searched out ways to volunteer in my community.  See our church (along with 500 other local churches) has challenged us to give back to our community to show God’s love.

When I searched volunteer opportunities the Ronald McDonald House popped up.  Guess what…they wanted homemade baked goods!!!  Amazing.  People who would truely feel comforted by having a little slice of home waiting for them after a long day in the hospital with their child.  I could think of no other opportunity so perfectly fitting for me.

I called to see if I could still volunteer, you know there are just thousands of us offering to donate baked goods!  They said they could always take baked goods.  No real requirements or restrictions and I could bring them over anytime I please.  So amazing to me to find this opportunity.  So I baked my little heart out one day.  Made two types of cookies for the folks.  Then bagged them into servings of two cookies each.  Wisked them over to the Ronald McDonald House.  I found out they really need my baking and could use it any time I wanted to bake.  The office manager said they usually have a lot of donations during the holidays and near the end of school.  Which is perfect for me, because I get way too busy then anyways.

Just another way for me to see how God wants to use the talents he has given me.


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  1. Teena

    I love that you are finding a way to share your passion with those who could use a little extra love.

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