Why do you do the things you love?

So for me, I love baking and creating.  I really don’t care much for cooking, that is much more of an art.  I like the science of baking.  I like to bake and give to others.  So at first, I gave to neighbors, friends through school, and friends through church.  Now I am considering these people may not really want to get fat from my baking.  So I bake a little less.  But I really want to bake, so where do I go from here?

I like baking and sending, but that costs more money than just baking.

I love baking for those who need a day sweetener.  Some days you just need a free dozen, oh so yummy soft and chewy, chocolate chip cookies given to you.

So how do I go about finding these people who need a day sweetener.  It seems as though these people are not in the right mood to come looking and asking for them.  If I continually have them on hand, then I am likely to gain way more weight than my new gym membership can handle.

I have thought about what I want to be when I grow up, and thankfully 35 is only half way there.  I feel really pulled to opening up a service/business of helping others.  Maybe run errands, take people to appts, just sit and talk, oh and along the way pass out my cookies.  I will let you know if I make any progress on this sloooow journey, but hey I’m only 35.



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2 responses to “Why do you do the things you love?

  1. Beth

    Love this. 🙂

  2. Catching up…great post!
    A couple of ideas for you…Meals on Wheels is a great program to volunteer with where you could sit and talk with older folks. Or working with a home care organization? I am sure a lot of these folks would enjoy your cookies. And you can always take a plate of cookies to a nursing home, especially if you are connected to one somehow. Perhaps your church is connected to a particular one or someone at your church is?
    My dad still stops by the place where my grandma spent her last few years and takes them bouquets of extra flowers since he works as a florist delivery van driver. He loves his job! And he made some good friends with both the staff and folks at the nursing home.
    My dad (who is technically retired!) also has an unofficial airport transportation gig just via word of mouth. He takes people and picks them up at the airport, for a fee, if they don’t want to park their car at the airport. He started out doing it mainly for my grandma’s older friends who spent their winters in Florida and needed someone to take or pick up in the wee hours or late in the day when other older folks don’t like to drive. He does have to get up early or stay up late sometimes with this gig.
    Just some thoughts… 🙂

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