Well I have been off of baking for a couple of weeks.  Sick kids, then I get sick, just not the time to bake.  So back to my favorite thing to do, bake!  Well create.  I started with some peanut butter balls, chocolate nut clusters, and chocolate hearts.  Since we were sick over Valentine’s Day, I guess I was making up for it.  Also it is hubby’s birthday this weekend.  I am so excited for the cake!  Did I tell you it was a chocolate cake, you probably guessed already. 

 This is the most fabulous chocolate cake, I have had in a while.  It is my favorite cake right now.  So what is it?   A chocolate boston cream pie.   OH Oh so yummy.  I was looking for a chocolate pie recipe for Thanksgiving.  I decided to look up what Hershey’s had on their website for recipes.  If you are ever looking around for a good recipe, go to a favorite product’s website or famous chef.  These people don’t mess around.  They want their recipes to shine, therefore their product shines.  So anyways I found this All-Chocolate Boston Cream Pie!  Hubby agreed to go away from the pie and add this to our menu.  Oh so yummy and so glad we did.  In fact we found an excuse in December to make it again.  And now we get to have it this weekend for his birthday.  We will need to find some people to give slices away to, but I have some people in mind already.  Sorry they have one up on everyone since they share the same birthdays.



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3 responses to “Chocolate…mmmm….Chocolate…

  1. Sounds delicious! Can you link to the recipe? I might have to try making it gluten free…Did you change anything when you made it?

  2. Cool. Looks like i would be pretty easily converted to gluten free! A tip for you: in Word Press, above where you write your post, there is a button with what looks like a piece if chain link, and then one next to it that looks like the chain is broken. If you highlight the words you want someone to click on to go to the “linked” page, then go up and click the link button and insert the web address (right-click copy and paste are easiest) of where you want to point them to. Try it out!

    And tell Keith Happy Birthday!

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